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"Make what matters most, matter most"

Our aligned philosophies and curiosity towards optimizing performance, health and longevity, all discussed during hours of swim, bike and run training, have made our partnership unique. We both love to experiment, learn and teach others. Our philosophies are anchored in an evolutionary science foundation, and our application takes an individual and holistic approach.


Because of our unique self-experimentation methodologies, we remain ahead of the curve of understanding. Our new ventures, HIIT Science (by The Prof) and ENDURE IQ (by The Plews) have decades of our respective knowledge which we want to share with you.

Check out below what new ventures Plews and Prof are onto now so you can keep in touch!

Dr Daniel Plews

"The Plews"

Having been involved in elite competitive triathlon from a very early age, the area of performance and individual improvement has always intrigued me. However, as I've grown, and gone through various experiments on myself and in the lab, I've realised that much of what we've been taught is false. Sometimes when we believe we're doing the right things to lead a full life, when we're not. With Prof, I think we're now beginning to unlock the keys to performance, health and longevity and this is an area we continue to explore in and want to share.


Professor Paul Laursen

"The Prof"

From the early years, I've been captivated by sport, and fascinated with how athletes can do what they do. This curiosity has driven me to study the sciences that explain human movement and sport performance. As I've aged, the areas of health and longevity have crept into my curiosity. In the process of experimenting with my own performance and health, and looking deeper into the research, I discovered that much of what I was taught as an undergraduate was wrong. With my training buddy, The Plews, we're here to set the record straight through our respective ventures.

Plews and Prof

Credentials and Experience

  • Doctorates in Exercise Physiology

  • More than 150 peer-reviewed research articles in sport performance and health

  • Coaches and support to numerous elite and professional athletes across multiple endurance-based sports

  • Lightning-fast triathlon performances across Olympic to Ironman distance events

  • Early adopters and technology-savvy geeks at the pointy end of discovery

  • All round good guys



  • Plews has set-up ENDURE IQ which breaks down the science of endurance performance into practical information through online education courses and learning communities aimed to empower athletes and coaches with the understanding needed to find their sweet spot.

  • He still works together with age group and pro triathletes and has limited spots for full time coaching and training program planning. If you're after some help with your training performance goals, check out it out here on ENDURE IQ

  • ENDURE IQ Facebook
  • @EndureIq
  • YouTube
  • @endure_iq



  • Prof has set-up HIIT Science, including the Science and Application of HIIT Course which has the practical knowledge you need to understand the science behind HIIT, implement an arsenal of training weapons, and ultimately improve athlete performance and stand out in the field.

  • Prof still works together with age group and pro triathletes and has availability for full time coaching and training program planning. If you're after some help with your training performance goals, get in touch with Prof


  • Facebook
  • @hiitscience
  • YouTube
  • @hiitscience
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